Eric Taylor’s List of Recommended Basket making Tools and Supplies

Through the years of making and teaching brown ash baskets, I have learned just how important it is to work with proper tools. During this time I’ve compiled my thoughts and lists. When I began designing the Cottage Collection of baskets, it became apparent that there was going to be a need for a well thought out system of tools. Without this system, and the tools to go with it, making a quality basket could become more difficult. Weaving baskets with molds and nailed rims would create the need to have the appropriate tools to make it easier for students to be successful. Over time and with lots of trial and error, I began assembling a list of my favorite hand tools to assist in making this process of basket making more enjoyable. It has taken time to find the perfect tool to fit each specific need. Sometimes, I have had to design my own tool out of the necessity. This list of tools and supplies was compiled in an effort to make your basket making more pleasurable. If I don’t provide the tool directly through me I have tried to give a source for you to locate the tool or supply.


This list is only a recommendation and not all tools are necessary to complete a basket successfully, there are usually cheaper substitutes available. Consider these tools as your ultimate wish list.

Tools for Weaving the Basket

• Mold Wizard
• Stave Station
• Wood Scraper
• Scraper Board
• Scissors
• Packing Tool

Weaving Tools

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  Tools for Handle and
Rim Nailing

• Hand clamps
• Drill Press or Drill
• Steel Block Anvil
• Ball Pein Hammer
• Cutters

Weaving Tools

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  Finishing and Other Supplies

• Finishing Tips Sheet
• Drill Bits
• Brass Hardware
• Sandpaper
• Basket Oil
• Polyurethane Gel Finish

Weaving Tools

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