Weaving Stand
A weaving stand is a must. When making baskets that require molds, it is very helpful to have something that will hold the mold and allow your hands to be free. As you weave, you can turn to mold that is held securely to the stand. 

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Weaving Tools

Mold Wizard Comes complete with:

Weaving Tools

1 – Mold Wizard Weaving Stand
1 - C-Clamp,
1 - 4” Steel Post
1 – 6” Steel Post

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The Mold Wizard is a bench mounted basket weaving stand that is suitable for a variety of different height work surfaces. It is multi adjustable to obtain the most comfortable weaving height. It is also light in weight, strong, (made of aluminum) compact and portable.

What’s great about this weaving stand is that there are multiple ways it can be attached to a work surface. There are three major mounting positions to be obtained on most work surfaces.

Five hole positions in the Mold Wizard allow for all the angles needed for the most comfortable weaving. Standard hole size, this is compatible with most molds.

The Mold Wizard has thumb screws to allow for quick and easy changing from on mounting position to another. Just loosen up the thumb screws and the Mold Wizard slides off the c-clamp.


Stave Station

The Stave Station is an upright beveling and weaving station. It holds one culinary sharpener / beveller securely to its acrylic cutting board. The Mold Wizard then is clamped over the sandpaper strip, to securely attach to a work surface. This board has multiple uses including, beveling uprights, sharpening knives, a surface for scraping weavers and thinning uprights. The board is used to scrape the ends of the weavers and has a replaceable sandpaper strip to thin uprights.

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Weaving ToolsWeaving Tools

Stave Bevellers / Knife Sharpeners can be purchased separately, without the board at a lower cost. Knife Sharpeners or Stave Bevellers not only allow you to bevel any stave material, you can sharpen any household knife as well. You won’t find another knife sharpener on the market that beats these for simplicity and pure effectiveness. Simply place down on any flat surface and draw your knife back through it. Because of the Duromite sharpening blades are harder than any cutlery steel, no knife will defy these sharpeners. You’ll always maintain perfect 20 degree shoulders, whether sharpening for the first time or putting an edge back on. These sharpeners will never destroy your knives temper, unlike heat generating, grinding wheel sharpeners. Below, you will find three models with different features to choose from.

Tactical Pro: Features hardened ceramic honing surface chemically bonded to its anodized aluminum handle.
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Other options: It is not necessary to have a stave beveller; the same beveled edge on uprights can be achieved with 180 grit sandpaper, and although I suggest that any basket tool kit or household should have one of these sharpeners.

Weaving Tools
Wood Scraper This is the best scraper around. Comfortable handle, it has one blade with three carbide edges. When one gets dull, just unscrew and rotate to the next edge.

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Scraper Board: If you don’t have the Stave Station, you will need a Scraper board. A Scraper Board has sandpaper on one side and plain wood on the other.

Scissors: Fiskars brand is the best for small scale brown ash cutting. These scissors can be found for around $10.00 at stores like, Walmart, Joannes Fabrics and Micaheals.

Packing Tool: You will need a small packing tool. Brown ash is on the small scale can be crushed if too much force is used. The best tool for packing the ash is something that is flat and small at the tip. The Weave-rite brand small packing tool is perfect. It can be found at many basket supply companies.

Culinary Sharpener: Round handle with flat bottom surface is perfect for the kitchen – comes in various colors. All sharpeners come with black ballistic sheath.
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