Tools for Handle and Rim Nailing


Rim Clamps
These clamps are great; the only downside is that they only work on flat rims. They don’t work on any rim that has a rounded edge, they fall right off. Otherwise, they are awesome because they have a ratchet mechanism that allows you to tighten them without using a lot of hand strength. They can be found at Home Depot. The name of the brand is Irwin - Quick-Grip 1 ½”, they sell for about $4.00 ea.

Drill Press or Hand Drill
The drill press I use in my classes has caused a big stir over the years, students love using this tool. If anyone wants to add this to their collection of tools, just look up Otherwise, a small hand twist drill or a dremel tool will do the same job.

Steel Block Anvil
This a low block that is ideal for nailing rims Steel Block Anvil $20.00

Ball Pein Hammer
Any small ball pein hammer will do.

To cut off the rim pins, you will want a wire-cutter that will cut flush. Finishing and Other Supplies

Weaving Tools