Finishing & Other Supplies


Finishing Tips Sheet

This information sheet is full of tips on how to achieve the finish I use on my own baskets. It is now available as a free download:

“Eric Taylor’s Material Prep and Finishing Techniques”
Click here for tip sheet

Drill Bits
#54 Drill Bit $2.00 3/32” Drill Bit $2.00

Brass Hardware
#4 Brass Screws (1pr) $1.00 17g Pins (1 oz) $5.00

Starting with 180grit you will want to increase up to at least 320 or 400grit. More information can be found in the Finishing Tips Sheet.

Basket Oil
Basket oil is a mixture of boiled linseed and mineral spirits, it is used to rub into bases, handles or rims. Rubbing this oil into the wood helps protect and bring a luster to the wood. Basket Oil $5.00

Polyurethane Gel Finish
Whenever possible, I use a polyurethane gel varnish on my base, handle and rims. What is great about a gel finish is that it is rubbed on with a cloth, leaving no streaks. You can order the finish I use from Olde Century Colors, New Carlisle, Indiana 1-800-222-3092 (order #4000 Clear Varnish Polyurethane Gel Wood Stain)

Weaving Tools